STEM: How it is Keeping a Check On The Environment

STEM: How it is Keeping a Check On The Environment

It is a fact that as humankind progressed into the future, the environment of the Earth only kept worsening. It is our duty as humans who live and depend on this planet to protect our environment. And that is where it can be clearly seen that STEM is a major factor for helping the environment. A couple of examples can be seen as follows.

Due to the rapid expansion of owned land, many wildlife species became endangered due to a lack of a habitat and multiple other factors. When some species, like the northern white rhino, are at the brink of extinction, scientists and researchers are looking into and studying the capabilities of stem cells. These stem cells are special because they can grow any type of cell in the body of the species. Using that logic, scientists are working hard to harness that ability of the stem cell to generate gametes. This means that species like the northern white rhino and the sumatran tiger can be saved from extinction.

Another example is the utilization of solar energy. Burning fossil fuels and natural gasses to generate energy leads to great amounts of pollution in many forms. Utilizing more environment-friendly methods of generating energy helps protect our environment. Due to the development and constant growth of improvement of solar panels, energy is being created without damaging the environment as much as before. Like wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and many other natural energy solutions, solar panels help save the environment from worsening.

In conclusion, it is necessary to realize that STEM is helping improve and save the environment. STEM has demonstrated in multiple ways that the environment can be saved. As humans progress into the future, so will the helpfulness of STEM for the environment.

Author: Kailasadatta Boggaram from the Heritage High 

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