2023 Elementary School Summer Camps

HumanWho Summer Camps for 2023 Are Now Open!

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By taking part in our immersive one week summer camps students in grades K-8 will gain a high-level understanding of a particular STEM topic. We at HumanWho encourage elementary school students to get involved with STEM as early as possible, and our summer camps are a great way to start! For middle school students it is imperative that they begin to figure out their interests in STEM so they can take more focused classes throughout high school. 

By completing these camps, students will receive a certificate of completion for completing team projects and working through curriculum. 

August Session Timeline

Session 1: August 3rd, 2023 – August 7th, 2023

Session 2: August 10th, 2023 – August 14th, 2023

Session 3: August 17th, 2023 – August 21st, 2023

Session 4: August 24th, 2023 – August 28th, 2023

One-Week Camp Daily Schedule

11:00am EST-12:30pm EST (Robotics: Grades K-5) 

1:00pm EST-2:30pm EST (Digital Art: Grades 6-8) 

3:00pm EST -4:30pm EST (Competition Math: Grades 6-8) 

For Students Who Will Be In Grades K-5 During the 2023-2024 School Year

Elementary School Camps

Robotics Camp (Grades K-5)

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • The Scientific Method
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Linear Motion and General Mechanics
  • Precision and Transfer Motion

Taught by a world class roboticist, our robotics camp is for young students who are looking to further their interests in engineering and technology. Through this camp students will be learning basics to robotics including block programming and basic engineering techniques. They will also be introduced to other opportunities to get involved with competition robotics at an elementary school level. 

Digital Art Camp (Grades K-5)

  • Digital Art Overview
  • E-Art Styles
  • Photoshop
  • Digital Artwork
  • 3D Printing

This one week course allows students to explore the depths of digital art through unique opportunities. Your child will be able to master digital art skills through immersive and engaging opportunities.

Competition Math Camp (Grades K-5)

  • Equalities and Fractions
  • Competition Addition, Subtraction, Area, and Perimeter
  • Counting Using Money, Charts and Graphs
  • Number Lines, Addition and Subtraction with negative numbers
  • Test/Review and Competition

Through our competition math camps, students will prepare for international math competitions and olympiads. They will learn tips and tricks for doing well on competition math and also review foundational concepts for such competitions.