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Our founders have firsthand experience of the impact STEM education has on a young student. The organization is committed to tailor the STEM activities by keeping participants’ background and interests in view.

Your Reach is Our Reach

Become an ambassador and help the chapters succeed in meeting their objectives using your expertise, network or collaboration skills. Aligning with your interests, you may choose to be a Content Ambassador, Social Media Ambassador or Reach Ambassador. Partner with our motivated task force to further the organization’s mission.



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Fill out the form with basic personal details so we can guide you through the process. Indicate your preference in starting or joining a chapter.


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Deepening on the existing presence of the organization in your locality, available capacity and chapter agenda, we will advise on the best course of action.


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Based on the decision from step 02, you will be provided with a registration form to begin your fulfilling journey with HumanWho.


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Partner with our motivated task force to further organization’s mission.

What you will get

Volunteer Benefits

Many volunteers attest that the main benefit is the satisfaction of helping young students succeed. Here are a few other benefits.

  • Volunteering Hours
  • Access to Knowledge Repository
  • Request Donations Button for 501c3 Organizations
  • Extending Professional Network
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Personal Branding

Words From Volunteers

  • I realized I am as much benefited from my participation as a volunteer as the young student who is enrolled to learn.

    Stephanie Jenkins
    Chapter President
  • Being an ambassador guided me to refresh and strengthen my network which I would not have done otherwise.

    John Balmer
    Content Ambassador
  • This partnership with a selfless goal inspired me, beyond words, to know my true potential.

    Kiss Kington
    Chapter Member

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