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Our Story
Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers committed to spread STEM education by integrating our personal knowledge, skills and experiences.

Our Story

What We Do?

We establish localized chapters which act as educational hubs. Each chapter defines their respective event calendars considering participants’ interests.




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News & Updates

Different Languages, Different Uses

There are a multitude of coding languages out there for example Java, C, Python, HTML5, and many more....
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Blog Post Text Based vs Block Based Coding

David Weintrop of the University of Chicago, as well as Uri Wilensky of Northwestern University created a study...
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An Introduction to Hydraulics

Hydraulics is the use of liquids and their properties to complete certain tasks. Hydraulics are used in many...
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The Importance of Resilience

Booker T Washington once said, “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by...
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An Intro to Pneumatics

Pnuematics is the use of gasses to complete tasks. These tasks can include moving something or changing the...
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Levels in Coding

When I talk about levels in coding i’m not talking about proficiency levels in writing programs, i’m talking...
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We focus on the impact more than the numbers

While the reach is a key metric, we emphasize on creating a sustained passion for STEM education


We are always improving and innovating

We tailor our instruction to the target groups based on their current skill level and other parameters


We keep pace with new advancements

Our knowledge repository is refreshed periodically to achieve more variety and relevance


What people say about us
  • “The workshops to mentor my FLL team last only a few weeks but the imparted inspiration is everlasting”

    Abhi Batchali
  • “The speech classes made me realize my true potential and I found the teaching process to be quite engaging”

    Joshitha Komitireddy
  • “The seminar on entrepreneurship provided valuable insights with clear action plans.”

    Preethi Rayaprolu


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