RoboReach 2: Coding Your Robotic Arm 11/11

You created it, now it’s time to CODE! Come to RoboReach 2 and let’s complete the journey with a step-by-step tutorial of ROBOTC code to program your mech-arm!

RoboReach: Crafting Your Robotic Arm 11/5

Join our first workshop in the RoboReach series and unleash your inner engineer as you design and construct your very own robotic arm!

STEMNavigators 3: Crafting with Practical Guidance 11/4

STEMNavigators 3: Crafting with Practical Guidance proves that in the world of STEM, following given instructions is just as crucial as thinking outside the box. 

STEMNavigators 2: (Dream)Job Fair 10/29

Get ready for session 2 of STEMNavigators! This week is our annual DreamJob Fair and we are so excited to see the posters you all prepared!

Bonus! Overcoming Creativity Blocks 10/29

Struggling with creativity blocks during STEM challenges or task planning? Join this HumanWho Bonus! workshop and discover effective strategies to break through creative barriers!

Bonus! CoasterCrafters 10/28

Unlock the thrill of STEM with CoasterCrafters, where imagination meets engineering in our roller coaster building workshop. Design, build, and experience the physics of fun!