About Our Organization

In a Few Words

Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to spread actionable STEM awareness to young students by conducting workshops and seminars and mentoring for STEM competitions. Long term, we aim to provide improved access to STEM education for a diverse population of young students. The organization is eager to establish a taskforce and a mechanism of continuous growth in order to witness year-on-year increase of reach and scale.

Expand the Possibilities

Ignite the passion for STEM learning so new doors are opened for good.

All-round Development

Establish a platform where everyone is a beneficiary regardless of their role.

Erase all Boundaries

Knowledge knows no boundaries neither should people spreading it.

Core Values


Be aware that all actions contribute to the legacy.


Constantly innovate to stay relevant and efficient.


Recognize the value of collective strength.

Locations of Chapters Worldwide

Global Reach

Here at HumanWho we work to spread STEM on an international level. We are always working to foster our international presence and begun starting many chapters outside of the United States.

We also focus on bringing STEM to third world countries and are currently working to spread STEM in impoverished regions worldwide. 

History About Us

This organization is the brainchild of our principal founder. During her middle school and high school years, she has had firsthand experience participating in various national and international STEM competitions. She recognized the importance of a conducive environment for a young student to walk this path and reap the long-lasting benefits. The knowledge, skills and abilities imparted by participating in STEM activities are universal in nature and are transferrable to any field or career. In particular, the problem solving, creativity, organizational, and teamwork skills will serve well in the long-run to create future leaders and accomplished professionals.

She started mentoring small teams for Robotics competitions, volunteering as a guide for entrepreneurial and cultural organizations. The satisfaction she derived by inspiring young kids made her establish this organization to bring together other enthusiasts who are equally motivated. Together, she is committed to paving the path for younger generations to have a life- changing experience in various STEM disciplines.

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