STEM and School:

As currently there is a push for more integration to add additional STEM resources, many wonder if integrating STEM into school is really a good choice. So what even is STEM? STEM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This helps students get ready for adulthood as most of the jobs now are more STEM based. There are many jobs that fall under this category such as Software Development, Dentist, Orthodontist, Nurse Practitioner, IT Manager, and Mathematician. As you can see, the jobs that fall under STEM are vastly different from each other. However, in order to train yourself to take up the challenge of these jobs, STEM was created. Many people want STEM to be introduced into kids lives as early as elementary school. There are many ways STEM can positively impact the nature of students. STEM has been proved to help students think creatively, problem solve, and help them get exposed to a team-like environment.The reason that is so important is because all of these skills are a must in the real world. Apart from the work setting, STEM courses can help students become more social and more comfortable around large groups of people. Additionally, STEM can make students and adults happy. The whole mentality when integrating STEM into school is to prepare kids to the fullest when it comes to getting a job, and being passionate about it. However, many schools haven’t integrated this new program. This is largely because of how vague the curriculum is. Since this is a relatively new idea, there are a few STEM teachers in the US, and there are no guidelines for the course. As a result of that, STEM education is very  inconsistent throughout the country. The addition of set curriculum and guidelines will boost the likelihood of STEM curriculum to be integrated into schools. Even though STEM teaches things such as problem solving, and creativity, without the addition to rules and regulations set by the government agencies, students will be learning different things at different times. The STEM approach has a very big opportunity to completely change how schools are managed and what is taught in them. STEM and school have a long way to go when it comes to influencing students into going into STEM based jobs. 

Author: Divyansh Roy from the Heritage High Chapter 

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