STEM: How My Parents Inspired Me

STEM is very appelaing to me beacuse my father works as a software enjineer,but as a kid my mom was very sick so I always knew that I needed to work in the medical field.As a kid my father was always busy,whether it was his office work or just cleaning the house.As a youngin my father and my mother always told me to work hard so I can be succesfull. Seeing my dad in his work clothes just made me wanna be just like him but on the medical side.My parents are always supportive for everything I do,and this pushed me into STEM.

    Back in middle school we used to have career days,where we used to pick about 5 carreras what we thought we wanted to be.The main careers I wanted to be was either an orthodontist or a pediatrician.I  thought I wanted to be a pediatrician because I used to always get hurt and my parents would to me to the Hospital andIt inspired me and i wanted to help children similar to this case. And I thought I wanted to be an orthodontist for almost the same reason. I have had so much dental work done on my teeth.All I know is that I really want to help people with similar cases as me.

     These are the reasons why STEM is so appealing to me.I recommend anyone that has a passion to go and follow your dreams. And yes, I am still unsure of what i want to be and i’m well aware that i’m not even close to saying i made it, but all I know is that I’m going to put in the hard work and achieve my goals. I  want to be there for anyone who really needs help.

Author: Rithvik Duggi from the Heritage High School Chapter

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