Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is one of the most interesting and unique forms of physics and science in all. It deals with the physical properties of nature at an atomic scale and has many astonishing findings that prove useful in many different aspects of STEM innovation. One of these findings is the idea of quantum entanglement, one of the big topics within quantum physics.


Before we start, what exactly is quantum entanglement? Well, quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance. In simpler words, it is stating that a pair or group of atoms is connected and that when the property of one particle is changed, there is an instantaneous change in the property of the other particle which occurs faster than the speed of light. This connection can still be intact when the particles are universes away from each other. This is why many quantum physicists see major use for this property in the future.


One way in which quantum entanglement can be used is in the field of quantum computing. Using its faster than light speeds through its entanglement, the relationships between the particles can provide many keys to faster computing. Using the entanglement along with the superposition properties which particles possess, quantum computers will be able to compute data at exponentially larger levels than currently possible, which would greatly influence the future. 


Another way in which quantum entanglement can be used is to theoretically teleport particles. Now yes, I know you might be thinking: “you can’t teleport things, that’s impossible”. I’m here to tell you, that you might be wrong. Using the proven entanglement of particles, scientists are certain that the particles that transmit information to each other. To put this into perspective, let me give you the steps in the experiment. Pretend there are two particles, Particle A, which is located in New York, and Particle B, which is located in Paris. If we get a separate particle, call it the Test Particle, and link it and it’s biological information to Particle A, we can theoretically transport the biological information to the other particle using the quantum entanglement. Once this process is complete, The Test Particle will be gone, as Particle B will now contain the information of the Test Particle in relation to Particle A and the Test Particle will now have been successfully teleported from New York to Paris! Before you doubt me on this information, it has been done before on multiple occasions from scientists in China! Unfortunately, the days of teleporting humans or objects seem far from impossible still, due to the fact that we are made up of many particles, and the process would take upwards to a quadrillion years. THIS IS THEORETICAL HOWEVER AND HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETELY PROVEN, ALTHOUGH IT IS PRETTY CLOSE.


In conclusion, quantum entanglement is one of the few and odd phenomena in an even odder field of quantum physics, which completely changes the way we humans approach the world. Its rapid entanglement speeds and universal connection provide room to innovate the future of quantum computing and even theoretically allows teleportation! What a wonderful world we live in, to be able to experience this interesting phenomenon grow.

Article by: Eshaan Shrivastava from the Heritage High Chapter


Picture Credit: https://medium.com/the-mission/how-quantum-physics-freed-my-identity-16a96e6f4a7c