A Highly Coveted Job: Data Scientist

I can see the visible confusion from on the other side of the screen when you read the title. Why is being a Data scientist a dream job? There are a multitude of reasons which I will explain. Data science is all about analyzing  and managing data. This job is the bridge between the two different fields: IT and management. As such, it is a highly specialized field, and very few can meet the requirements to become a full data scientist.

Even though data science is a very specialized field, there is predicted to be 11.5 million jobs by 2026, meaning that there is a growing demand for this job. This is a prime reason why this is a great job to have. Even though it is a very specialized field, you could easily get a job somewhere else, if you miss it. This is not the case with most rare jobs. If you miss out on a job somewhere, chances are you’ll see people hiring for that job once in a blue moon.

Lets be realistic, what are you really looking for?Money. Fortunately this job is very highly paid. The average salary for the job is $116,100. Because it is such a coveted job, people are willing to pay a large amount of money for it. Data scientists can be absolutely crucial in some situations, so it makes sense to pay them a substantial amount. As I said earlier, this job is very coveted. The work of data scientists allows companies to make better decisions, and maximize profit. This is fundamental to the nature of the job. If your job is to make the company more efficient in making money, then it goes to reason that you should be paid a good salary.

There is a reason for the growing popularity of this job. This position requires you to extract meaningful information and analyze patterns and make informed decisions based on the data collected. This is very specialized, yet extremely important and useful. By being able to interpret data, you may be able to increase productivity, and automate tasks that otherwise are unnecessary. You can imagine how this would be efficient. Lets say a company has a production line. This production line is what manufactures their products. However, this company is strained for money. After collecting large amounts of data, and spending time with other people, the data scientist realizes that taking out a certain procedure will save money and maximize efficiency. See? As I said, you can imagine how this could be useful.

Data science can help in other ways as well. If you get this job, you will have to solve many problems. This will most likely change the way you attack a variety of issues. Because you are tasked with making the company more efficient, you will most likely be able to figure ways to make yourself more efficient. Applying skills from work to your daily life could greatly benefit you.

Being a data scientist is a dream come true. It sounds rather bland, because you usually imagine something like an aerospace engineer, or a physician as a good profession in stem. This job is definitely a dream job. You have to be extremely knowledgeable and have a special insight to patterns and data. It is unlikely that you can get a job like this easily. However, if you do manage to get this position, congratulations.  Your job is not only high paying, it is also very important to the way the company runs, and how it makes its decisions.

Author: Dhruv Alisetty from the Heritage High School Chapter

Picture Credits: https://www.cio.com/article/3217026/what-is-a-data-scientist-a-key-data-analytics-role-and-a-lucrative-career.html

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