Potential of AI and Connection With Other STEM Fields

In recent years AI has connected with other STEM fields such as robotics to create some of the coolest robots we have seen today. One example is an AI robot named Sophia, who is able to have conversations with other humans naturally. Sophia is a part of a group of robots called Humanoids, which are human looking robots that act similar to a human. Humanoids are said to potentially become as smart as humans. There are many other robots that utilize AI, specifically within the company called Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics was formed in 1992 with the purpose of changing the general public’s views on what robots and AI can do. Since then Boston Dynamics has created multiple robots that have the ability to learn from past data. Atlas, Spot, Handle, Handle Version 2, and Wild Cat are some of Boston Dynamics biggest accomplishments. Many of these robots cost upwards of $50,000! Boston Dynamics Video. As we can see while AI has come a long way since the founding of the concept in 1955, this is only the beginning and one can only imagine the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Author: Anirudh Prabhu from Heritage High Chapter

Photo Credits: https://www.em360tech.com/ai_enterprise/tech-news/technews/fico-ethical-ai/